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The rock-solid principle upon which I build my business is service (and good photographs). Providing my Cleveland wedding and portrait clients with the very best service is how I exceed their needs, keep clients coming back, and ultimately ensure the success of my business. Part the formula is providing my clients with great online services, and I have my service provider to thank. Hit the jump to see how we provide wedding and portrait clients with the latest tools to help them capture and share their memories.

Nearly all of the services I provide to my clients are powered by PhotoShelter. If something is not directly powered by PhotoShelter, they had a hand in creating it. If you are one of my clients, then I am sure you are familiar the the services. If you are considering our services, keep reading for all the features we provide. For photographers, you need to know PhotoShelter.

Since the start of Hunter Photographic, PhotoShelter has been our primary service provider and I have been with PhotoShelter since their start. In a weird way, I was with PhotoShelter before “turning pro” and their service and community had a big hand in shaping what I do and how I serve my clients.

Client services

Here is a short list of the services I can provide my clients, with a little help from PhotoShelter:

  • View wedding galleries right online (password protected if desired)
  • Image and gallery sharing on social networks
  • Clients can download full sized copies of every image
  • Avoid the pestering third cousin – she can download images too!
  • Order any print product you could imagine right online – from a 4×6 to a huge 24×36 gallery canvas print
  • Prints delivered straight to your door, usually in less than a week
  • Watch and share slide shows
  • It’s scary how easy it is to contact me (scary for me at least)

As an example, have a look at the slide show below. My clients can grab a slide show of their wedding photos and share it anywhere in the world in seconds. It is really that easy.

All of these client services are enabled by my favorite service provider. Even better, I can focus on my clients and run my business with greater ease because of services provided to me as the photographer.

It’s just a little about me

OK, I will admit it. Part of the reason I love PhotoShelter is because of the services they provide to me as a business person and a photographer. Here is just a quick look at how they help me to run my business:

  • Amazing photo management system that has all the bells, all the whistles, and the do-dads too!
  • Direct image publishing right from Apeture or Lightroom
  • Great website and blog integration
  • An expanding list of SEO capabilities and help
  • Complete customization of my galleries – if I can dream the look, PhotoShelter can support it
  • COUPONS for my clients!!!
  • Great communication tools
  • Amazingly good service
  • Constantly improving list of features and add-ons (did I mention COUPONS!)
  • One….kick….as….BLOG!

So what does this all mean?

Well, it means to be successful you need the right partners and PhotoShelter is mine. They serve me by helping to provide my clients with great services. I can then concentrate on providing my clients with great overall service (and photographs).

If you are in the Cleveland area and need wedding or portrait photography service, contact us to see how we can serve you. If you are a photographer, have a look at how PhotoShelter can serve you.


  1. I noticed your blog on google and browsed a few of your additional posts. I just now added you to my Google News Reader. Continue the nice work. Anticipate reading much more of your stuff sometime soon.

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